Good Hope Christian Church

176 High Shoals Road ~ Good Hope Georgia 30641

History of Good Hope Christian Church

The Beginning

In the warm month of August, the third Sunday evening, 1913, a 14-day tent meeting began with what was to result in the establishment of Good Hope Christian Church.  John H. Wood was the Evangelist and John T. Bradbury was the song leader.  This tent meeting was obviously successful because from it,  50 people dedicated themselves to the task of meeting together regularly for worship according to the New Testament pattern of the early Church in doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer.  It was and is to this day a sincere desire to win the lost to the Lord Jesus Christ and nurture them to maturity in Him.

They recognized the importance of wearing “the only name under heaven whereby we must be saved,” calling themselves Christians only, while at the same time recognizing they were not the only Christians.

A Constitution and By-Laws were prepared and presented to the congregation and adopted as presented.  Good Hope Christian Church was now officially established and ready to serve the community in Kingdom building in the Lord’s Holy name.  The Church was originally affiliated with the Disciples of Christ Denomination and this affiliation continued until recent years.

A roll call of those 50 charter members, all who have gone to be with the Lord and await their rewards for service to the Kingdom, will give a glimpse of the legacy that carries on to this very day.  We all owe them a debt of gratitude for their pioneering spirit and desire to expand the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

That roll call is as follows:

Eva Anderson                
Meta Anderson                     
E. S. Ash                    
Mrs. Ellen Ash
G. R. Askea                    
Mrs. G. R. Askea                  
Guy Askea                
Ramond Askea
Willie Mae Askea       
Mrs. Anna Barber       
Mamie Lee Barber   
William H. Barber
Mrs. E. E. Barnes       
W. M. Barnes           
Mrs. W. M. Barnes   
Annie Mae Carlton
H. G. Carlton           
George M. Edmondson   
Mrs. R. B. Green   
Mrs. E. J. Hale
Emel Hale           
Emmett J. Hale       
Mrs. Martha J. Hale   
Ruth Hale
John F. Harper       
A. L. Malcom           
Mrs. A. L. Malcom   
B. C. Malcom
Mrs. B. C. Malcom       
Curtis Malcom       
George A. Malcom   
Mrs. George A. Malcom
Guy Malcom           
Herschel K. Malcom       
Hoard Malcom   
Irene Malcom
Mrs. N. R. Malcom       
Runey Malcom       
Della Meadows   
Lizzie Mae Meadows
N. D. Meadows       
Mrs. N. D. Meadows       
O. R. Meadows   
Mrs. O. R. Meadows

Mrs. W. D. Meadows       
Mrs. A. O. Mitchell       
John W. Mitchell   
E. O. Poss
Mrs. E. O. Poss       
Luke Pratt

The first Elders selected by the congregation to serve as the spiritual leaders were Emmett J. Hale and George A. Malcom.  The Deacons selected were W. M. Barnes, B. C. Malcom, and Earl O. Poss.  The Clerk/Secretary and Treasurer  selected from this leadership body was Emmett J. Hale.

The Building

The original frame building of worship was completed in July 1915, at a total cost of $1,786.63, and was constructed from lumber milled in the area and hauled to the site by ox and wagon.  The basic building with a number of improvements continues to serve the congregation well to this day.

  • Expansion / Addition / Improvement  -  1950
In 1950, it became necessary to expand the facility to provide for the growth and the need for classrooms and a fellowship hall / kitchen.  The annex included 3 classrooms and the fellowship hall and was attached to the existing building.  The entire building was then encased in brick.  This was completed in 1952.

At that time worship services were held one Sunday a month, i. e., third Sunday morning and evening, as was the case with the many congregations of the day.  This building expansion and growth led to the determination to have worship services two Sundays a month.

  • 1958 -  Sanctuary Renovation, Beautification and Growth
In 1958, the congregation decided to renovate and update the interior of the sanctuary, which included installation of acoustical tile.  This began a long period of updating and always providing quality in serving the Lord in worship.

Again growth, forward thinking, and desire to provide housing for a Pastor brought on the decision to build a Parsonage in 1959, and from this came the decision to begin worship services every Sunday.

Never once did the leadership stop the forward thinking and planning for the future so in 1960, new pulpit furniture was added to beautify and provide for a quality atmosphere for worship.

Other Highlights of Growth and Beautification

  • 1962  -  Carpet added and Organ Purchased
  • 1964  -  The kitchen and fellowship hall remodeled and furnished, Office equipment purchased
  • 1965 -  New floors, New Pews, and Rest Rooms

New Fellowship Hall and Educational Building

In 1994 another major project was embarked upon with a clear vision for growth.  A large Fellowship Hall, with kitchen, rest rooms, and classrooms was built.  The uniqueness of this project was its completed value versus cost.  The value is estimated to be approximately $350,000 with a cost to build of $92,000.  This was accomplished with an enormous volunteer effort with specific talented people too numerous to name.

In addition, a county program was utilized for those who had been arrested for misdemeanors and had construction talents.  They were allowed to fulfill their sentences of community service by working on construction of the Fellowship Hall.  One of the highlights of the experience was the wonderful noonday meals prepared by the wonderful ladies of Good Hope Christian Church.  It was truly a culinary delight enjoyed by all.

Pastors Who Have Served Good Hope Christian Church

The Pastors of Good Hope Christian Church have served with distinction and humility.  They served with dedication and desire to win the lost to the Lord Jesus Christ and nurture them to maturity in Him.  With varied styles of teaching and preaching they have never wavered from the truth and purity of the Word of God.

They are from the beginning to the present, as follows:

J. W. McCleary   
Owen Still       
Joel B. Hardigree       
L. A. Digby
W. F. Mott       
G. J. Parrish       
E. R. Clarkson           
D. A. Brindle
D. H. Maxey       
W. B. McDonald   
Duke C. Jones           
E. N. Anthony
D. M. Joiner       
Randolph Cochran   
Marion McElveen       
Paul Wood
Howell Mayo       
Carl Cheek       
Lee F. Tharp           
Herbert Leslie
Berl H. Brewer   
Augustine Leo       
Larry Potts           
Kenneth Courts
Jim Webb       
Ray Brooks                       
Morris Little 
Doyle Wallace
Willis Lumpkin

Willis Lumpkin is the current Pastor and has been serving since July 20, 2008.

Our Timothys

Through the influence and dedication of the Teachers, Pastors, Elders and adults who set the best Christian and leadership example, two young men have entered the ministry.  They are Jack Anderson and Linton Poss, who entered Johnson Bible College in Kimberlin Heights, Tennessee, in 1933.  After finishing Bible College, they began their preaching careers in Kentucky and Texas.

Building a Legacy From “Pocket Change” -  Our Story For Today

Renovations, updating and beautification have always been the challenge to the people of God.  Providing a place of worship that first and foremost brings glory to our Lord Jesus Christ and is attractive enough to the community to cause them to want to worship in this place has been that challenge for Good Hope Christian Church.

Early 2003, was the beginning of that challenge.  It was decided to renovate the Sanctuary and the cost was estimated to be $80,000.  This cost estimate met with trepidation on the part of those who knew we had in the last two years put a new roof on the building and stained glass windows replaced the old windows of many years.  These improvements had been made without borrowed funds.

The fund raising began with the goal set at $80,000, and with preaching from our Senior Minister, Morris Little on Stewardship and Giving.  In the midst of the sermon series, our Pastor made an inadvertent but truthful statement that “the $80,000 was, in God’s eyes, ‘pocket change’, because He owned it all anyway.”

The “inadvertent theme” caught on and the children of Good Hope responded in a most remarkable way with pocket change from their own “piggy banks”, from the pockets of Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt and Uncle and anyone else who just might have available “pocket change”.

The adults caught the enthusiasm and revival came to Good Hope Christian Church!  March 30, 2003, will go down in the history of the church as a day of great blessing and VICTORY!  On this day $196,595.24, was pledged and given toward the renovation project and the horizon for more renovation than originally planned expanded.  With additional giving and later pledges, the amount has since been increased to over $220,000.00!
Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

The conclusion from all who were present on VICTORY SUNDAY was that this was a “God Thing” and we have pledged to not forget the mighty works of God among us.  We have also pledged to not forget this truth - “Sometimes (most of the time) the blessings of God come to us after we have proven our faithfulness.”

We have also pledged that we will not forget that Revival Has Come To Good Hope Christian Church and WE DARE NOT KEEP IT WITHIN THESE WALLS!